Behind great games, there's game tech.

Build games using the most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud.

With 175+ services and 13 years of proven expertise, AWS has everything you need to build faster, operate smarter, and create computationally ridiculous games. Find out why 90% of the world’s biggest public game companies are using AWS.


Any workload. Any platform. Anything.

Whether you're building an FPS, MOBA, or something there's no acronym for yet, AWS is like a secret dev team you never knew you had. Charge ahead with our managed services, or build your own custom solutions.

Scale that would otherwise break the internet.

With more types and sizes of compute instances than anyone, AWS continues to be the industry’s standard for game servers, security, and performance. Give your players a memorable experience for the right reasons.

Fastest pace of innovation—and fun.

A new generation of games has emerged, creating new requirements for devs. Whether it’s ultra-low latency applications for 5G devices or procedural speech for NPCs, we’re obsessed with inventing what’s next for your players.

Powering great player experiences

Every detail, player, and match matters when creating a fan-favorite game. That's why game studios of all sizes and locations depend on AWS to power scalable, reliable, and innovative gameplay for their players.

  • Large studios
  • Mid-sized and small studios
  • Large studios
  • More than 90 percent of the world’s biggest public game companies are using AWS
    Bandai Namco
    Epic Games
    Square Enix
    AWS Game Tech customers
  • Mid-sized and small studios
  • Studios of all sizes and experience use AWS to power their games
    Apocalypse Studios
    Butterscotch Shenanigans
    Disruptor Beam
    East Side Games
    Pocket Gems
    Space Ape Games
    AWS Game Tech customers
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